Planning Documents and Codes

The Umatilla County Planning Department uses a number of official documents that guide development in the County.  These documents include the Development Code and the Comprehensive Plan.  Other supportive documents are also very important such as the Transportation System Plan, the Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan, etc.  Documents are listed below in Adobe PDF format. Updates are posted as ordinances become effective.

UCDC - Umatilla County Development Code 

NOTE:  Visit the Planning Ordinance page for a complete listing of planning oriented ordinances with the actual recorded document in PDF format that can be viewed and printed.

Zoning Maps are available by visiting GIS and Zoning Maps.  You will need to know the Township, Range, Section and Tax Lot of the parcel.  The maps are divided into Township and Range folders, each map is in PDF format. 

1972 Umatilla County Zoning Code  (Last Updated: January 29, 2013) The zoning ordinance that is applicable in the urban growth areas of various cities in Umatilla County.  The 1972 Zoning Code has been updated with the last update being adopted on January 29, 2013 via Ordinance 2013-02.

Umatilla County Comprehensive Plan   The Comprehensive Plan was reformatted in 2008 to be more readable and to include amendments adopted since the original plan was acknowledged on October 24, 1985. 

Transportation plans and Documents

UCTSP - Umatilla County Transportation System Plan 2002 

APPENDIX A - Review of City Plans and Policies
APPENDIX B - The State Highway System: Inventory and Conditions, Identified Needs and Access Management
APPENDIX C - Traffic Volumes Along County Roads, US Forest Service Roads, and BLM Roads
APPENDIX D - Umatilla County Population Discussion and Potential Development Impact Analysis

County Road Standards drawings,  The County has developed drawings of the different road standards (i.e. P-1, P-2, etc.) to illustrate road construction.


Other Plans

Umatilla County Housing Report (2017)

Umatilla County Housing Report Maps (2017)