Contrary to popular belief the goal of your probation/parole officer is not to find ways to violate your supervision and incarcerate you.  Your supervising officer’s goal is to have you look at your attitude, thoughts, perceptions and beliefs and how they have affected your decision making which led to your conviction(s) and is the reason you are on supervision.  Identifying your risks and needs will be a priority of the supervising officer in order to create an effective and successful case plan.  Your willingness to accept responsibility for your actions and willingness to make changes to your lifestyle and associations is the biggest obstacle to overcome in order to be successful on supervision. No supervision plan will ever be successful without your willingness to engage and follow the recommendations of your supervising officer.  Communication is a key component.

You also need to be aware that community corrections will hold you accountable.  You will need to ensure that you take your conditions seriously, and to take the opportunity that is provided through you interactions with both your supervising officer, as well as treatment providers you will be referred to.  Many people attempt to get through supervision without changing the core issues that caused them to get here.  This is rarely a successful approach often times it results in further incarceration.