Code Enforcement, Volunteer Clean Up Program

Is your group looking for a volunteer opportunity?

Do you want to make a difference in your community?

Umatilla County has established a program that will provide funds up to $500 per year to cover the costs for disposal of collected solid waste/garbage collected from public areas in the unincorporated parts of the county.   Your civic group, church group or club can apply for a clean up project for an approved area and the County will pay the disposal/tippage fees to take care of the garbage you collect!  Its a great way to get involved and help take care of our beautiful county! 

Here’s how it works ~

 Your group completes a Volunteer Clean Up Program application and submits it at least 30 days before the date of your clean up project.

Plan on providing basic safety materials for your group; gloves, bags to put the garbage in, and safety vests are recommended if you will be working along a roadway.

Take the collected garbage to one of 3 designated disposal sites in the County; Humbert’s for Milton-Freewater/East County, Pendleton Sanitary Service for Pendleton/Central County and Sanitary Disposal for Hermiston/West County.

    Several groups have successfully  completed clean up projects along the River Rd area in Hermiston and the Walla Walla River Road area in Milton-Freewater. 

    If your civic group, church group or club would like to find out more about this program for a clean-up project, please call (541)278-6300.   This is a wonderful opportunity to get people involved and volunteer for something meaningful in our community!